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Wealth Navigators recognizes that each person prefers different learning styles and techniques. By recognizing and understanding this concept, we will tailor our presetentions to best suit your personal style. We believe this will improve the speed and quality of your learning. Our Founder and President, John Suszynski, had a vision of providing an educational video library because understands the importance of both visual and aural learning styles. 





How to Choose an Advisor

Choosing an advisor is one of the trickiest financial planning tasks of all. Learn best practice techniques on how to choose your financial advisor.





Investment Policy Statement

Before you build, you need a blueprint. Learn how an Investment Policy Statement can serve as your financial blueprint narrated by Tom Selleck.







Asset Allocation

Every investment decision involves both risk and reward. Learn how an asset allocation strategy can help reduce your risk narrated by Tom Selleck.







Trusts can manage how you leave assets to your family. This video shows how Trusts can create and preserve your legacy.







Saving for College

60% of families don’t have a college savings strategy. Learn what you need to know to get started narrated by Tom Selleck.






Funding Options for College

There are a number of funding options available for your college investment plan. The following video contains a few of the more common options.







Robo Advisors

This video narrated by Diane Lane makes a vivid case that qualified financial advisors know their clients’ needs and goals far better than any computer program. We use technology to enhance our expertise, not replace it.






War For Your Wallet

There's a war being waged for your wallet. Fight the urge to splurge, spend wisely and win for your financial future. Tom Selleck provides us with several tips.






Elder Care

Taking care of one's aging parents can be emotional and expensive. This video provides a checklist on what to do narrated by Diane Lane.






Economic Reality

Americans overspend and under save. We must strengthen our personal economies to save America's economy. Learn about these realities in the following video.